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Facing charges of legal malpractice

When you learn that one of your clients has filed a lawsuit against you for malpractice, you may suddenly feel your confidence plummet. You will likely go through every step of the case in your mind — the preparation, the presentation of evidence, the many objections — and wonder where you may have made a critical error.

Gambling addiction among attorneys

The thought that you had a problem may have crossed your mind before, and you dismissed it because you knew your luck would change. Sometimes your luck did change, and things got better. However, now it seems as if nothing is going your way and no amount of money is enough to satisfy the urge to gamble. You may even be having dark thoughts, and your law practice is starting to suffer.

Are you facing discipline for giving inadequate representation?

No matter how long you practice law, you may always deal with clients who are unsatisfied. A verdict that doesn't go your way or a settlement that seems inadequate may raise accusations that you did not provide adequate representation. It may be understandable for your client to look for someone to blame, especially if the outcome of his or her case included a substantial loss, either financially or with a guilty verdict.

Alcohol abuse among lawyers

Alcohol use is part of the culture in the legal profession. From the earliest days of law school, men and women seeking a career in law learn that the use of alcohol and other substances are permissible – and often encouraged – methods of dealing with stress as well as for socializing.

Are you facing disciplinary action over a trust account mistake?

How long did your law school cover trust accounts? More than likely, it wasn't very long. This could make new attorneys vulnerable to making an error that leads to trouble. The truth is that even seasoned attorneys here in California, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, can make mistakes regarding their trust accounts. If it happens to you, disciplinary action could follow.

Protecting your nursing license

You may have gone into nursing school right out of high school, or you may have decided on nursing as a second career after the kids were a little older. Either way, you cannot deny the amount of time, effort and money you put into getting your license. You likely experienced weeks or months of anxiety interviewing for jobs and waiting for an invitation to join the staff of a medical facility or a physician's practice.

The highs and lows of using cocaine on the job

Perhaps you knew all along that your chosen profession included a great deal of pressure, or maybe you discovered this fact in your first year of law school. Either way, you undoubtedly found ways to cope with the stress of long hours, late nights and the very demanding expectations of becoming an attorney and practicing law.

Study drugs are not innocent just because everyone uses them

There is no question that law school is demanding. You may have known that all along, but maybe you didn't realize just how demanding. You probably feel like you are always exhausted, a week behind on everything and on the verge of an ulcer. Nevertheless, you know it will be worth it if you complete your studies and pass the bar.

Proactively protecting your counselor's license

As a licensed social worker, counselor, psychologist or therapist, you may think that your clients are the ones with the troubles. However, you may not have to look far in your profession to find those who have garnered their own problems by violating regulations established by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. When this happens, they place their licenses and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

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