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Keep your advertisements from becoming an ethics violation

As an attorney here in California, you have a lot of competition for business. In order to drive business to your firm or office, you may decide to take out online or print advertisements or engage in other acts of solicitation for business. Before doing so, you may want to gain an understanding of the rules of conduct governing attorney solicitation and advertising.

Protecting your nursing license

You may have gone into nursing school right out of high school, or you may have decided on nursing as a second career after the kids were a little older. Either way, you cannot deny the amount of time, effort and money you put into getting your license. You likely experienced weeks or months of anxiety interviewing for jobs and waiting for an invitation to join the staff of a medical facility or a physician's practice.

The highs and lows of using cocaine on the job

Perhaps you knew all along that your chosen profession included a great deal of pressure, or maybe you discovered this fact in your first year of law school. Either way, you undoubtedly found ways to cope with the stress of long hours, late nights and the very demanding expectations of becoming an attorney and practicing law.

Study drugs are not innocent just because everyone uses them

There is no question that law school is demanding. You may have known that all along, but maybe you didn't realize just how demanding. You probably feel like you are always exhausted, a week behind on everything and on the verge of an ulcer. Nevertheless, you know it will be worth it if you complete your studies and pass the bar.

Proactively protecting your counselor's license

As a licensed social worker, counselor, psychologist or therapist, you may think that your clients are the ones with the troubles. However, you may not have to look far in your profession to find those who have garnered their own problems by violating regulations established by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. When this happens, they place their licenses and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

Do you face discliplinary action for an addiction problem?

Stress can do funny things to people. Some people overeat, others partake in a few too many drinks and others turn to drugs (both illegal and prescription). Where most people may question the sense in a person's diet, they may not take as kindly to your use of alcohol or drugs.

Is your personal life a threat to your nursing license?

As a nurse, you probably inherently know that certain behaviors can place you at risk for losing your nursing license. For example, you would likely never come to work intoxicated, steal medication from the drug room or purposely abuse a patient. However, did you know that certain behaviors that occur in the privacy of your own home can place your career in jeopardy?

Facing the possibility of a suspended law license

The State Bar of California takes seriously any accusations of professional misconduct. Recently, a number of lawyers have made the news for their roles in questionable activities. If the bar has notified you that a committee is investigating you for such accusations, you can be assured that the investigation will be thorough with the intention of finding the truth and preserving the integrity of the law profession.

Competence and character: Are you fit to practice law?

When you think about the sacrifices you've made over that past few years, it may frustrate you that it all comes down to this final test. Passing the bar is more than just taking an exam; it is also proving you have the moral character to be a lawyer. Practicing the law is a high honor, and those requesting admittance face a rigorous selection process.

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