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Do You Want To Save Your License To Practice?

You have invested years and money to obtain your professional license. The Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, puts more than 23 years of experience to work for you when you need professional license defense services before California state agencies.

For that reason, he can advise you intelligently on a wide variety of professional licensing matters, including:

Telling Your Story On Your Behalf

You can benefit from Mr. Wechsler’s extensive experience with building persuasive narratives and with professional and occupational proceedings. In fact, Mr. Wechsler has served as:

  • A member of the Committee of Bar Examiners
  • Deputy attorney general for the state of California
  • Special master for the State Bar of California

This background gives Mr. Wechsler insights into professional licensing proceedings of all kinds. He will put that insight to work for you in resolving your issues efficiently and effectively, because he knows how the system works and how licensing authorities think.

His experience also means he understands the differences between civil litigation, criminal law and professional disciplinary processes. That understanding allows Mr. Wechsler to expand your options for a favorable outcome.

To that end, he will work closely with you and the agency to make sure that you have a clear understanding of your exposure, the range of potential sanctions, and the steps necessary to protect your license and your career. You can depend on Mr. Wechsler for the candid, seasoned legal judgment you need to choose wisely from your legal options.

Keeping Hope Alive

Mr. Wechsler’s proactive approach can also help you if you face an accusation and possible professional discipline such as a sanction, suspension, revocation or a license denial. He has had success appealing and reversing penalties by either working within the appropriate agency or appealing inappropriate penalties by means of filing a writ of mandate to the appropriate court.

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