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Don't get shut out of a good career by a youthful plea deal

Just one big mistake while you're in your late teens and early twenties is enough -- these days -- to keep you from pursuing some careers. Most young adults have no idea how serious the situation really is.

There are a number of things that make it difficult for young people to get their start in a career, but one of the most recent to emerge is the issue of professional licensing requirements. Professional licenses are required to work in some occupations. Most people know, by now, that doctors and attorneys have to have them. However, they may not realize that everyone from nail technicians and barbers to landscapers and real estate agents also must have them.

Guard your professional license by taking care in private

When it comes to keeping a professional license and avoiding problems with the review board, many young professionals fail to realize exactly how much their conduct in their private life matters.

It matters a great deal.

Charting mistakes that could cost your nursing license

When you're still in nursing school, everything about the job seems neat and orderly -- and there isn't much real-world experience when it comes to one hugely important aspect of the job: charting.

Taking patient information down correctly is essential to avoid serious medical mistakes and legal issues. However, you can reduce the chances that you'll make a mistake if you get into a routine and try to stick with it every time you go through a charting process.

Appealing a pharmacy technician license denial

In California, you must have a license to be a pharmacy technician. If you've worked hard to obtain the skills to do the job, you are looking forward to your career. However, it is devastating to have your application for a license denied.

Unfortunately, it does happen. However, that doesn't mean that it's the end of your hopes and dreams. There are options for appealing the pharmacy board's decision.

Do patient charts have your job on the line?

Few things can place your career and your nursing license in jeopardy as quickly as charting errors. Patient charts are a critical thread in the care and treatment your medical team provides, and your role in recording accurate and thorough information is essential. Errors and omissions can have devastating consequences, both for the patient and for all on the patient's health care team.

Charting mistakes are different from falsifications. Intentionally misrepresenting the level of care you provide is fraud and may result in criminal consequences. Nevertheless, even the most innocent mistake on a patient record can become the crux of a medical malpractice lawsuit or a career-crippling disciplinary hearing.

California attorney to be disbarred for 'litigious warfare'

Attorneys have a great deal of power in American society. Their access to the legal system and the ability to use it is something that puts them at a distinct advantage over most nonattorneys.

That's why it's important never to abuse that power -- and why an attorney in Sacramento may now lose his license to practice. The attorney has engaged in a pattern of what the Bar has referred to as "litigious warfare" against his ex-wife and others.

What is an attorney's fiduciary duty to his or her clients?

Failing your fiduciary duty to a client is one of the quickest ways to lose your law license, but do you know how to actively define what that entails?

Your fiduciary duty is comprised of four basic principles that have to guide your interactions with any client. These include:

  • Competency
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Communication

What if your moral character is questioned by the State Bar?

Your character -- not just your ability to pass the bar exam -- can be your biggest hurdle as you pursue your license to practice law.

For many applicants, the process of obtaining a law license is fairly routine. Other applicants are devastated to learn that all their hard work isn't enough to overcome questions about their past and their "moral fitness" to practice law. Here's what you can expect if it happens to you.

Your law license could be in jeopardy due to these mistakes

As an attorney here in California, you more than likely take potential ethics violations seriously. You are careful to follow the rules that you may think could lead to problems.

More than likely, you would not knowingly put your legal license in jeopardy since it is your livelihood, and your integrity and reputation are at stake. However, you would be surprised how many attorneys make seemingly simple mistakes that do just that.

What can you do to protect your nursing license?

Nurses these days are expected to live up to some pretty tall standards. After all, as a nurse, you have access to sensitive information about your patients, handle high-powered narcotics and treat people who are in vulnerable conditions all the time. It's understandable, then, that nurses face a lot of scrutiny.

Unfortunately, it can only take one mistake or a single lapse in judgment to end your career, your income and your ability to practice. You can end up with your license suspended or revoked for any number of mistakes.

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