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Is California serious about enforcing vaccinations?

The anti-vaccine movement was supposedly dealt a hard blow in California back in 2016 when the state passed a law preventing parents from refusing to vaccinate their children based on personal or religious beliefs alone.

In effect, while the law has pushed thousands of parents to get their children vaccinated now that simply claiming personal or religious objections to vaccines won't qualify for an exemption, the law has a loophole for the determined that's big enough to toss a whole box of needles through.

Plead your case to California's Bar Court by explaining your acts

The phrase "a crime of moral turpitude" is so vague that it's at once all-encompassing and somewhat meaningless.

That presents a huge problem for attorneys who've slipped up, made a mistake and now find themselves facing the California State Bar Court.

California tightens rules on workers' compensation doctors

It used to be relatively rare to hear about a physician who had been suspended from the workers' compensation program in California.

However, thanks to legislation that took effect Jan 1, 2017, California's administrative director has already suspended 52 doctors from participation in workers' compensation cases.

Study drugs are not innocent just because everyone uses them

There is no question that law school is demanding. You may have known that all along, but maybe you didn't realize just how demanding. You probably feel like you are always exhausted, a week behind on everything and on the verge of an ulcer. Nevertheless, you know it will be worth it if you complete your studies and pass the bar.

It may not have taken you long to learn some of the tricks other law students use to manage their time and complete their assignments. However, planning calendars, study groups and Red Bull only get you so far, and you may have found yourself in a situation where you needed just a little boost to get you through the week. It's not a big deal, right? Everyone in law school does it.

False allegations of sexual acts: How do you prove a negative?

If you've been falsely accused of sexual misconduct with a patient, you may be terrified of losing your reputation, license and livelihood.

And it does happen. In a now-famous case, a male patient told an emergency room doctor to change the rating on the severity of his disability or he'd tell the medical board the doctor had molested him. The motive, of course, was financial gain -- the patient wanted to keep his disability benefits coming.

When you and your patient are at odds: Get help quickly

Two different people can see the same events through wildly different points of view -- which, unfortunately, can lead up to charges of ethical violations or professional misconduct.

For example, a California psychiatrist, who has been in practice since 1978, now stands accused of sexual assault by three of his patients. As a result, the doctor's license to practice his trade has been suspended at least until his formal hearing before the administrative review -- at which point he could very well lose his license to practice in California all together.

Moral character and the California Bar: 6 key tips to follow

Any attorney who wants to practice in California has to meet a morality test -- fail it, and all those hours spent in law school and studying for the Bar exam mean absolutely nothing.

Before you initiate the process to start your background check, make sure that you know the following information:

Avoiding serious mistakes at your Medical Board hearing

As a doctor, if you've had a complaint filed against you with the Medical Board, how you handle your hearing can affect your entire future.

If you aren't nervous yet, you should be -- your license, your reputation and your livelihood are all at stake.

Proactively protecting your counselor's license

As a licensed social worker, counselor, psychologist or therapist, you may think that your clients are the ones with the troubles. However, you may not have to look far in your profession to find those who have garnered their own problems by violating regulations established by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. When this happens, they place their licenses and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

While each case is different, some commonalities exist that can bring about disciplinary action. To help you avoid those actions, advocates for those in your field recommend that you learn and never stop learning about the ethical issues that govern the delicate work of mental health professionals. Additionally, there are some guidelines you can consider adapting to your practice.

A San Diego doctor may lose his medical license for drunk driving

A San Diego neurosurgeon, who was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in 2016, stands to lose his California doctor's license.

He reportedly had been driving along Racho Santa Fe's Via De La Villa on Feb. 20 of last year when his Tesla collided with a number of trees. A responding California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer noted that the man appeared to be visibly intoxicated at the time. He said that his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and that he couldn't carry out some basic commands he was asked to complete.

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