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Bar Admissions And Moral Character Lawyer In Los Angeles

Failure to obtain a positive determination of moral character from the Committee of Bar Examiners can keep an individual from practicing law in California. At the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, Mr. Wechsler has a record of success in overcoming even the most challenging obstacles in moral character considerations. Attorney Wechsler’s reputation has brought clients from throughout the country to the firm for consultations on moral character and the moral character application for admission to the State Bar.

Attorney Wechsler knows this terrain as well or better than anyone else currently practicing in California, as he is one of the few attorneys currently practicing in the Bar Admissions arena who actually served on the Committee of Bar Examiners and the Subcommittee on Moral Character. For that reason, Mr. Wechsler offers no tricks and no easy solutions, but he does encourage clients to take the appropriate steps that would have been necessary to satisfy attorney Wechsler if he were still serving on the committee.

Free Advice: Be Forthcoming About Your Past Indiscretions

If you are applying for the bar and are nervous about disclosing a past indiscretion, remember the following:

If you have a question about whether a certain incident should be revealed to the bar, you have already answered that question. Mr. Wechsler helps clients find the best way to handle difficult disclosures.

Get Guidance From Someone Who Knows How The System Works

To learn more about Zach Wechsler’s assistance with matters concerning admission to the State Bar of California, especially those involving denial of an application based on moral character, contact the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, in Los Angeles for a free phone consultation: 800-621-0945.

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