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Eighteen years of experience in professional licensing matters have taught Mr. Wechsler the two ingredients necessary to maintain your professional license: mitigation and rehabilitation. The Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, can show you how to present yourself accordingly.

It is a regrettable fact that one out of seven attorneys has some form of substance abuse problem. The rate for other licensed professionals is similar. He has also worked with the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) since its inception. He is therefore familiar with the standards of the various licensing agencies as well as the problems faced by practitioners.

An experienced attorney and mediator, Zachary Wechsler understands the substance abuse protocols and rationales adopted by the various licensing boards. In fact, he has served on one of the licensing bodies and has represented still others. Promising not to take drugs again, or promising to moderate one’s drinking is not an option. Mr. Wechsler’s long years of practice have resulted in his creation of a clear format of procedures and tests to develop and demonstrate your rehabilitation and mitigation. In this area, more than your career is at stake. It is your life that is actually at risk. Don’t place yourself in less experienced hands. Contact California professional license defense attorney Zach Wechsler or call 800-621-0945.

Understanding, Proactive Legal Representation

We provide experienced ethical representation for all professionals facing licensing discipline. Just a few of the licensing areas the firm works in are:

  • Legal
  • Medical, including nursing and dentistry
  • Insurance
  • Real estate

Meetings with Mr. Wechsler are often half interview and half interrogation. They run 90 minutes and are difficult. You will not be hiring Mr. Wechsler to hold your hand. You will be hiring him to cut to the core of your problem and develop a satisfactory resolution.

With his own credibility at stake, Mr. Wechsler demands that you be forthright and honest with him from the beginning. Where actual substance abuse has taken place, you must be truly remorseful for your past actions before moving forward with professional license defense.

Mr. Wechsler does not pretend to offer easy answers. He offers realistic advice and can help clients willing to do the hard work to demonstrate rehabilitation.

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