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Why Writing Matters

Professional disciplinary and regulatory matters are different than the legal proceedings which most attorneys and professionals are more familiar with. While writing is always of central importance in legal matters, it carries even more weight in administrative processes involving professional licensees.

Not only does the firm’s founding attorney, Zachary D. Wechsler, bring to the table more than 23 years of licensing defense representation, he also draws on a career as a persuasive professional writer. That professional writing experience includes both fiction and nonfiction publications and media.

Furthermore, Mr. Wechsler emphasizes a proactive approach in these matters. Being proactive makes it more likely he will be able to frame the narrative in terms most favorable to his clients. The first written response to an agency is often the most important. Hire an experienced professional to put your best foot forward on your first step.

Mr. Wechsler Delivers The Power Of A Strong Narrative In Licensing And Regulatory Matters

As a result, Mr. Wechsler can deliver representation to you that is focused on telling your story in an effective, comprehensive and convincing manner, an approach that lends itself particularly well to persuading the licensing and regulatory authorities holding your future in their hands. The power of narrative becomes critical in professional license proceedings because the proceedings involve more correspondence and more communication with the regulatory and licensing body and their attorneys than one might normally encounter in standard legal proceedings.

The licensing or regulatory body can often respond favorably to these communications, clarifying their positions and even resolving a licensing matter before any public appearances are required for hearings or for court. Moreover, because Mr. Wechsler has had significant experience working with the representatives of the licensing boards, he knows how best to frame your narrative to achieve the best possible results, often without necessitating a full administrative hearing.

If full proceedings are necessary, you can rest easier knowing you have entrusted your case to an attorney who only handles these kinds of cases and has done so for more than 23 years. That means he has the experienced legal judgment you may rely upon to understand your options and to choose from them intelligently, even in those areas where the law may be gray.

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