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Does student loan debt impact your bar admission?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Blog, Receiving And Maintaining Professional Licenses |

The California State Bar admission has standards it holds its members to. One factor they consider is your debt, especially those you may have paid late.

If you have become delinquent in paying student loans, you may wonder if it will keep you from gaining your bar license. What does student loan debt have to do with practicing law in California? Find out more about how the bar considers certain aspects of your application.

What is a moral character determination?

The bar wants to ensure its members practice law with integrity. To practice law, you need to have a strong moral character and demonstrate that you are trustworthy and understand the difference between right and wrong. One way they examine this is by looking through your financial records. If you cannot handle your own money responsibly, the bar may wonder if you can uphold trust account rules and regulations.

How does debt factor into admission?

Having bills does not disqualify admission to the California State Bar. The factors that go into considering how much is too much usually rise and fall on the handling of debt. Student loan debt is not unusual, especially when first starting a law career. However, if you have not made a payment or any steps towards reconciling delinquent student loan payments, the bar may delay your entry or reject it until you do.

A law license comes with a heavy yolk of responsibility. Academic credibility is not enough to allow all who apply for a license to practice. You need to possess the character to handle matters ethically.


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