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What help do you have in an attorney disciplinary case?

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The State Bar handles attorney disciplinary cases. Here, investigators check out complaints filed against attorneys. If these complaints prove valid, prosecutors will take the case to a judge to make disciplinary decisions. In cases where an attorney commits crimes, law enforcement will also get involved.

All of this is why attorneys need to know what to do if they receive complaints.


Clients, court employees, insurers and other attorneys can all file a complaint. Anyone can file a complaint for free. Recent cases will then show up on the California Bar’s website.

State Bar Association

The California Bar comes up with conduct rules for attorneys and enforces them. To start, an attorney with a complaint should read the current rules concerning professional conduct in the field and see if they have violated anything, whether it has to do with client confidentiality, mismanagement of funds or another violation.

State Bar trials

Only certain complaints demand an investigation. Those whose participants cannot settle outside of court, go to the State Bar Court, where accused attorneys can have their representatives argue their case.

Lawyer Assistance Program

If a lawyer is facing a substance abuse problem, there are options. The Lawyer Assistance Program is a great option for free help. This may also be a sentence for a lawyer that received a complaint due to an alcohol or drug abuse problem.

For lawyers, addressing these complaints is critical. When any attorney receives a complaint, they should follow these tips to get help for their case.


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