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If you are a California lawyer who has received a letter requesting information from the State Bar, an inquiry letter or a Notice of Disciplinary Charges, you need proactive representation from an attorney who focuses on State Bar defense matters.

As a former member of the State Bar of California’s Committee of Bar Examiners, Mr. Wechsler’s close familiarity with moral character standards, the attorney discipline process and State Bar defense can benefit you in many ways. Mr. Wechsler is prepared to vigorously contest all unsupported charges while helping you take the necessary steps to accept accountability and demonstrate the rehabilitation that the State Bar Court requires in cases where there may be some liability before charges are even filed.

A Unique Approach To Discipline Matters

Mr. Wechsler’s approach to disciplinary matters involves knowing when it’s time to fight and knowing when the best result can be achieved by strategically resolving cases. Berating State Bar trial counsel rarely leads to an optimum and less costly resolution. For that reason, whenever possible, he recommends helping you work with the State Bar to resolve professional misconduct problems on terms that can protect your license and career. Should it become necessary to protect your rights through hearings or other adversarial processes, Mr. Wechsler puts more than 23 years of experience to work on your behalf.

Be forewarned: Many attorneys wrongfully believe that their experience as a practitioner means they do not need to hire an attorney. Please be advised, the State Bar’s prosecutors savor pro per clients. They are not in business to protect your interests. The Bar handles thousands of cases each year. If you are lucky, you will only be involved in one case in your lifetime.

Mr. Wechsler’s experience will be helpful to you in a number of different ethical and disciplinary matters, including:

  • Client complaints
  • Conviction matters
  • Moral turpitude
  • Trust fund violations
  • Ethical lapses
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Dependency problems involving alcohol or controlled substances

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