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Tom S.

After 44 years of practicing law without anyone complaining to the State Bar, that most discouraging day came when a Complaint was filed against me. Fortunately I was able to retain Zachary Wechsler to assist me in responding to the Complaint filed against me. In doing so, Zack was absolutely thorough and obviously well informed of the process by which I should defend myself. The result was that after completing its investigation the State Bar determined that the matter did not warrant any further action and closed their file, thus exonerating me of any wrong doing. I could not have achieved this result without Mr. Wechsler’s fine dedicated assistance.

Antoniette G.

I had a complaint filed against my nursing license. Mr. Wechsler was referred to me by my liability insurance representative. I found him to be knowledgeable in the area of licensing. I felt he was committed to my personal wellbeing during a very difficult process. I also can say that his billing practices were very fair and professional. I can highly recommend his services. I respect him and am grateful for his help.

Ajaib G.

I paid for two and a half hours of his time and walked out of his office with a complete road map to resolve my issues. I’m very impressed with Mr. Wechsler’s knowledge and the productivity of our meeting.

Dev D.

I had a question that I could not find an answer to, despite my best googling. I spoke to Zach and he was able to give me a thorough, straight answer in a matter of seconds. I truly appreciated his directness and professionalism, and I am glad I know who to call if I need further help. Thank you Zach!

Joe L.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Mr. Wechsler’s dedication to my case. I chose Mr. Wechsler to represent me before the admissions board because of his vast experience. From our very first meeting, he was very straightforward, told me how it was, and had a plan of action. He did not let me down once, and guided me through the entire process. For this, I am forever thankful, and would absolutely recommend his services . Thank you. Thank you.

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