Professional License Defense

Candid Representation To Protect Your License

Licensed professionals are held to a higher standard than people in unlicensed professions. An allegation of professional misconduct can eliminate one’s good standing and place a professional license in jeopardy.

If you are facing an allegation of professional misconduct, it is critical to consult an attorney experienced in professional license defense. To do that, turn to the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC.

For more than 23 years, Mr. Wechsler has handled all aspects of professional misconduct defense issues before various committees. His seasoned legal judgment means the firm can advise you in even those areas of the law that may be gray or still developing.

Providing Diligent Defense For Allegations Of Professional Misconduct

A former member of the California Committee of Bar Examiners, attorney Zach Wechsler served several years on the Subcommittee on Moral Character. He has attended more than 400 related hearings and has valuable insight and experience with the deliberative processes that inform decisions for admission or denial based on the applicant’s background.

With his real-world experience as well as knowledge of the inner workings of many agencies and committees which handle administrative matters, such as discipline investigations for professional misconduct, Mr. Wechsler provides defense services to clients facing misconduct allegations related to:

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