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Have you received a letter or phone call from a state investigator? Let the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, provide you with a strategy that sets the right tone with investigators from the very beginning.

More Than 26 Years Of Experience In Professional Disciplinary Matters

The primary goal of licensing bodies is to protect the public. To that end, licensing bodies want to make certain the professionals they oversee understand the reason(s) behind the investigation or inquiry. They want to make sure their licensees “get it.”.

Mr. Wechsler knows how to convince the Boards, Bar and Bureaus representing his clients that his clients “get it.” That they understand why there was an investigation to begin with. He helps his clients demonstrate that whatever the offense, it is unlikely to recur in the future. This involves more than preparing a well-written promise.

This involves showing the Boards the rehabilitation his clients have undergone, proving the various mitigating factors involved with the underlying offense. Professionals working with Mr. Wechsler are actually transformed by adhering to Mr. Wechsler’s strict regimen of rehabilitation and mitigation.

The mitigation packages prepared by Mr. Wechsler are thorough, detailed and generally persuasive. Accordingly, it is possible for many professionals, even those with serious liabilities, to resolve their cases without the necessity of a hearing, and with less discipline than would otherwise have been imposed.

He can help you demonstrate the degree of deference, of diligence, and of remorse and purposeful rehabilitation that your licensing body seeks. Mr. Wechsler’s experience as a former attorney for several licensing boards and as a member of the Committee of Bar Examiners means he can find the “sweet spot” in your case that other attorneys might overlook or cannot recognize.

He is also an expert when it comes to understanding the various cultures of the boards and administrative bodies and their attorneys.

He knows what many attorneys do not: how to find a resolution within the margins of the law that satisfies all parties. Mr. Wechsler will not offer licensed professionals unrealistic expectations regarding the outcomes of their particular matters.

No Easy Dismissal?

However, not every case is destined for an easy dismissal or even a stipulated settlement. This is where the firm can deliver particular value. Mr. Wechsler is an expert on the formal procedures governing the prosecution and defense of disciplinary accusations.

As a result, you will be able to rely confidently on the candid, forthright guidance you will receive regarding your case, including its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where you really stand will help you make the important decisions about your future that you need to make.

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