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Every client is unique.
Every case is based upon a unique set of facts.
Nonetheless, results matter.
The following results reflect the diversity and breadth of Mr. Wechsler’s practice.*

  1. Applicant for state bar misrepresented to bar and then current law school a previous dismissal for cause from an out-of-state law school. Admitted to practice law.
  2. Client wished to regain driving privileges after revocation of failing three supplemental driving tests. License restored.
  3. Client convicted out-of-state of misdemeanor assault charge arising out of incident with female acquaintance. Client admitted to bar.
  4. Client with long history of alternative lifestyle admitted to bar.
  5. Recovery of $80,000 for elderly client cheated from sum by his former client.
  6. Attorney accused of conflict of interest in family law guardianship matter and failure to refund fees; by failing to abide by his client’s instructions regarding communication to the opposing counsel; interfering with client’s completion of the case by filing self-serving pleading in the case after termination; failure to maintain client confidentiality. Revocation reduced to one-year suspension stayed plus repayment.
  7. Client’s driving privileges reinstated after medical suspension.
  8. Landlord/tenant dispute. Client’s breach of habitability dispute with landlord resulted in $9,300 settlement.
  9. Three state bar investigations against client regarding collateralized mortgage obligations closed.
  10. Pharmacist who defaulted on accusation by BOP regarding self-medication with marijuana is reinstated and case dismissed in the interest of justice.
  11. Former MD accused of practicing medicine without a license. Charges reduced to one count of false advertising.
  12. Client with second DUI and high BAC gets into the Alternative Discipline Program with letter of admonishment as only part of record upon successful completion of program.
  13. Client admitting to trust violation receives one-year stayed suspension with six months actual suspension.
  14. Client convicted of DUI has matter referred to the hearing department for a hearing and decision recommending the discipline to be imposed in the event the facts and circumstances surrounding the violation of Vehicle Code Section 23152, subdivision (b)(driving with BAC of .08 or more), involved moral turpitude or other misconduct warranting discipline. Case dismissed immediately.
  15. Client admitted to practicing law without California license admitted to practice law.
  16. Client charged in eight (8) matters including improper loan remodifications and failure to return unearned fees granted one-year stayed suspension from practice of law.
  17. Attorney accused of threatening to file administrative action against opposing counsel given warning letter.
  18. Client with past of drug abuse and criminal offenses admitted to bar.
  19. Renegotiated Board of Pharmacy’s proposed settlement with client from three (3) years probation and entrance into the recovery program. Withdrawal of accusation. Abatement and fine.
  20. Obtained permission for foreign lawyer practicing patent law to take California Bar examination notwithstanding facial deficiency of client’s academic requirements.
  21. Client practicing patent law while under administrative suspension in California avoids federal discipline.
  22. BBS client convicted of shoplifting and misleading board has penalty reduced to citation.
  23. Out-of-state dentist licensed to practice in California after application denied due to out-of-state discipline for dental-related matter and misstatement on California application.
  24. Dermatologist client with prior discipline for missed diagnosis investigated for similar offense and ineffective surgery. The Medical Board found doctor’s treatment represented a departure from the standard of care but understood the doctor has taken steps to prevent a similar error in the future. The board expects that it will see no similar outcomes. Complaint closed.
  25. Attorney facing multiple inquiries by State Bar Office of Chief Trial Counsel. Deputy Trial Counsel first advised: “Pay complainants $25,000 each and we will stipulate to disbarment. Fail to pay complainants $25,000 and we will take client’s license in trial.” Result: Two case closure letters with no further action and one Warning Letter which does not count as discipline.
  26. Testing accommodation client whose request for reasonable accommodation was denied by the subcommittee on testing accommodation was granted all requested accommodations after Mr. Wechsler advised client’s providers regarding the state of the current law and assisted client with application.
  27. Moral Character Applicant with 11 criminal convictions and a lengthy history of drug and alcohol abuse admitted to bar.
  28. Former Youth Authority resident with felony convictions admitted to bar.
  29. Bar exam test-taker’s computer malfunctioned during administration of bar exam, leaving test-taker with three 0s for afternoon’s essay portion of exam. Mr. Wechsler successfully appealed failing grade and test-taker received a passing score.
  30. During course of response to bar investigation, attorney admitted to violating Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1-311(a) employment of disbarred attorney and Rule 3-110(a), failing to perform competently. Results in issuance of warning letter.
  31. Applicant called in for “informal conference” before Committee on Moral Character due to drinking problem admitted without hearing.
  32. Bar applicant who served federal time for computer fraud admitted to practice law.
  33. Bar applicant who served federal time for selling machine guns to Mexican mob admitted to practice law.

*These results are for information purposes only. No promise of any similar outcome in any particular case is made or represented by the information herein provided.

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