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Forming A California Business | Risk Management

If you are looking to start a business or professional practice in California, it may be beneficial to discuss your business plan with an attorney. New business owners can benefit by having a business attorney review contracts, tax details and other important details.

The Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, offers business consultation services to clients in Los Angeles and throughout California. If you are looking to form a California business and wish to discuss ways in which to protect your personal, financial and legal interests, please contact the law office online today.

Legal Services For Business Startups In California

The law firm represents individuals looking to start a business in California. Whether you are seeking full-service business consultation services or advice in one specific area, he can help. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Consulting on tax matters
  • Choosing an appropriate business entity (LLC, LLP, etc.)
  • Drafting or reviewing business contracts
  • Resolving disputes through mediation, arbitration or litigation

The firm frequently represents attorneys, dentists, doctors, real estate agents and other licensed professionals in both administrative law matters and business law matters.

Find out more about these related legal services:.

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Employment agreements
  • Professional and business consulting
  • Law office management consultations

Contact A Los Angeles Lawyer For Business Risk Management

Contact the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, online or call 800-621-0945 for more information about forming a California business. Free telephone consultation provided.

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