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Disciplinary Actions: When Bad Things Happen to Good Lawyers

Disciplinary Actions: When Bad Things Happen to Good Lawyers. The article to be found at the other end of this link provides a seasoned state bar prosecutor’s perspective regarding the discipline process. I believe all will find it interesting and informative. I urge all attorneys to follow the rules and suggestions listed therein. To summarize, it appears 80 – 85% discipline is imposed against attorneys, it arises from the failure of attorneys to document the work they do, their marginal business skills, and their failure to respond appropriately when a disciplinary complaint is lodged against them. Ms. Batchelor’s most important suggestion is simple, “Hire a Specialist.” As Ms. Batchelor explains, “[t]he attorney licensing field has its own unique culture (and separate organizations and listserves for prosecutors and private defense attorneys), and you need to have someone represent you who knows how the game is played and who knows who the players are – the specific investigator, prosecutor, and judge assigned to your case.” As Former president of the ADDC (Association of Discipline Defense Counsel), Mr. Wechsler is in an excellent position to help you.

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