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What things can I do to show rehabilitation to the BAR?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Professional License Defense |

Attorneys who have received disciplinary actions due to misconduct often need to show rehabilitation to restore their status with their state Bars or boards of examiners. However, the lack of present misconduct is not enough to prove rehabilitation.

It may shock you to learn how many California Bar disciplinary actions occurred in 2022. However, because these organizations prioritize public protection, these are a few things you can do to show your rehabilitation to the Bar.

Make amends

The first step toward proving rehabilitation includes making amends. If your actions harmed anyone, you need to make it right. Find any individuals or organizations you hurt and apologize. You may also pay for any financial burdens your actions caused.

You should also pay any fines or penalties imposed upon you by the courts. You may also need to complete any community service the judge requires.

Complete a rehabilitation program

If the state revoked or suspended your legal license due to a DUI or other drug and alcohol conviction, you need to complete a treatment program. A professional program will help you work through why you drink or do drugs and teach you coping mechanisms that you can use to avoid future issues with these substances.


One of the best ways to show rehabilitation is through volunteer work. Find ways to serve your church or the local community. You need to find something outside of the pro bono work you do. When you volunteer, you reveal good character, so choose an organization or cause that you feel passionate about and start serving.

The restoration of your moral character takes time, and the Bar Association has a lot to consider, including crime severity, so have patience and do what you can to show your rehabilitation.


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