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What to expect after a California State Bar disciplinary case

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The State Bar of California enforces strict regulations on lawyers practicing within the state. Any perceived act of an attorney failing to uphold the high standard expected of them is grounds for disciplinary action.

If you receive a letter of investigation stating that there is an open disciplinary case against you, it is best to know what you might expect as a result of the case. You should also know how to prepare the best possible defense in anticipation of standing before the disciplinary board.

Results of California disciplinary cases

The California State Bar takes decisive action against attorneys guilty of misconduct and individuals practicing unlawfully. Discipline statistics from 2021 show a recommendation of disbarment of 85 attorneys and the suspension of an additional 159 attorneys. These statistics also indicate the referral of 364 unauthorized practices of law to the authorities.

How to prepare a state bar defense

The results of a disciplinary case are potentially severe. For this reason, attorneys under suspicion from the Bar should prepare the best defense possible and refrain from solely representing themselves. Even the most practiced lawyers might not have the skill set to contend with the unique logic and rules of the disciplinary board. A specialized State Bar defense can help you defend your right to practice in California.

The California State Bar does not hesitate to open an investigation against attorneys who may be guilty of fraudulence or misconduct. Without a stellar defense strategy, you and your practice may face the dire consequences that follow a disciplinary hearing with the State Bar.


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