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Why does the State Bar revoke licenses?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

As an attorney, you work tirelessly to gain your license to practice. It takes years of schooling and can cost a pretty penny even with financial support, but the reward for many is worth this difficult journey.

However, allegations of misconduct as an attorney has the potential to sink all of that time, effort and money before you can blink. You want to know every facet of your circumstances, the laws in your state and more to protect your license from suspension or worse: revocation.

What information does the State Bar Act require?

California Legislative Information discusses reasons for the revocation of licenses in the state. First, they mention the State Bar Act. Under this act, you must maintain current records that contain personal information such as your phone number and address. You must also provide jurisdictions in which you have a license to practice. On top of that, if you faced disciplinary actions in other jurisdictions, you must also make note of it.

Should any of this information change, you must formally report the changes to the State Bar’s licensing records office. You have to act within a specific time frame, as well. You could actually risk having your license revoked if you do not do this.

Factors affecting license revocation

Other factors also go into the revocation of licenses. This can include the State Bar finding you insane or mentally incompetent to stand trial, caused by potential substance abuse. If you have caused great harm to your clients or the public, this also serves as grounds for license revocation. Finally, you can face this if you make any violations of probation.

Needless to say, you want to protect your license after working so hard to earn it. Consider seeking legal help to gain that protection.


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