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August 2017 Archives

Doctor surrendering license after confrontation with protester

A San Diego doctor has agreed to surrender his medical license and close his clinic at the end of the year amid allegations related to patient care and unprofessional behavior. He was taped confronting one of the anti-abortion protesters outside of Family Planning Associates in June 2016.

Full disclosure is critical when applying for a license

Los Angeles; California, has a diverse array of people working in a range of professional occupations. Preparing for many of those occupations involves receiving and maintaining professional licenses. The process of securing those licenses can be involved, and includes communications about the criminal history, or lack thereof, of applicants for licenses.

California headed for a significant primary care doctor shortage?

In less than a decade, California could be facing a significant shortage in primary care doctors. This is what a recent UC San Francisco Healthforce Center report points to.

Is your personal life a threat to your nursing license?

As a nurse, you probably inherently know that certain behaviors can place you at risk for losing your nursing license. For example, you would likely never come to work intoxicated, steal medication from the drug room or purposely abuse a patient. However, did you know that certain behaviors that occur in the privacy of your own home can place your career in jeopardy?

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