Professional And Business Consulting

At the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, the practice concentrates on advising and representing an array of professionals — lawyers, doctors, dentists, real estate agents and other licensed professionals. In addition to providing administrative law and licensing services to these professionals, the law firm also provides business consulting services to professionals with the objective of opening their own private practice in California. From business startup advice to contract development, Mr. Wechsler provides comprehensive guidance to ensure clients’ ventures are successful.

Attorney Wechsler serves a variety of small businesses, individuals, partnerships and other law firms with employment contracts, termination agreements, indemnity clauses, agreements for subs, executive compensation, independent contractors, confidentiality agreements and others.

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Professional and business consulting services include:

  • Business formation: While clients may be excellent lawyers or physicians, their business skills may be less effective. Mr. Wechsler provides the advice clients need to run a successful practice. He advises clients on the tax benefits of different options for choice of business entity and how to establish appropriate documentation for the formation of the entity (including partnerships, LLCs, sole proprietorships and other entities).
  • Contracts: Every business is founded on agreements. Effective creation of these contracts sets forth clear expectations, rights and obligations, and most importantly, mitigates risk of future litigation. Business lawyer Zach Wechsler drafts operating agreements, partnership agreements, employment contracts, insurance contracts and other contracts.
  • Dispute resolution: Attorney Wechsler provides ongoing business consulting services to attorneys and other licensed professionals, providing advice on risk management and dispute resolution. Whether disputes arise regarding fees or payment, ethics or allegations of professional misconduct, Mr. Wechsler has the experience to assess the situation and provide advice on effective resolution — whether through mediation or arbitration or through business litigation.

Mr. Wechsler has a national reputation for his ability to effectively serve the interests of lawyers and other licensed professionals. Whether advising on moral character concerns and State Bar admissions, defending clients facing license disciplinary matters, or preserving clients’ interests through business law services, the firm can be entrusted with your reputation and career.

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