Business Transactions And Mediation Throughout California

At the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, Mr. Wechsler advises and represents business entities on matters ranging from initial formation and registration to the enforcement of agreements and transactions. Along the way, he can help you with employment agreement matters, licensing and regulatory compliance problems, the negotiation of contracts and lease terms, severance agreements, and the resolution of disputes concerning management or shareholder issues through arbitration or mediation.

For a consultation with a business lawyer about your business formation opportunity, operations challenges, contract dispute or licensure matter, contact an experienced Los Angeles business law attorney or call 800-621-0945 to schedule an appointment. He does not engage in litigation; rather, he can help you identify and manage potential risks.

Business Operations

As a business lawyer, Zachary Wechsler can also advise you about documenting your essential management arrangements, corporate governance agreements and operating contracts. He can help negotiate and draft agreements such as:

  • Corporate bylaws, partnership agreements or operating agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements, confidentiality or trade secrets agreements and noncompete agreements
  • Vendor and customer contracts, real estate or equipment leases, licensing or distribution agreements and other instruments essential to your daily business operations
  • Insurance policies and indemnification agreements
  • Business and commercial loan transactions, including security agreements, guaranties and pledges
  • Employment agreements, independent contractor agreements and executive compensation agreements

Mr. Wechsler’s experience with business transactions and disputes is wide and varied, and he is prepared to represent your interests in administrative agency hearings. The clients of his California law firm come from the fields of, property management, software design, entertainment, construction, health care, and many other industries and professions.

Business Mediation And Arbitration

Business mediation and arbitration is an area Mr. Wechsler enjoys practicing in. He can guide you through corporate or partnership disputes, commercial collections, contract disagreements, and business torts such as breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misrepresentation, nondisclosure or unfair competition. His skill and experience with these alternative dispute resolution procedures can help you find prompt and efficient ways to achieve your objectives without the risks and expenses of full-blown civil litigation. He will keep your eyes focused on the ultimate goal.

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For additional information about the firm’s ability to advise your company and represent your interests effectively, contact an experienced Fresno business transactions attorney or call 800-621-0945 to schedule a free telephone consultation at the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, in Los Angeles.

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