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Others Areas Of Practice

At the Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, Mr. Wechsler provides advocacy throughout the state of California in a wide range of legal matters involving:

  • Administrative enforcement
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Professional licensing
  • Ethics and discipline cases in front of the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Protecting Your Career Persuasively And Efficiently

In addition to those areas of practice working with clients in gaining and protecting their professional licenses, the firm represents professionals in a wide variety of settings where licensing, standards, character, business and other matters are at issue. These settings include:

  • Administrative law — With particular experience handling adversary proceedings involving the enforcement of regulations or disciplinary rules before hearing officers or administrative law judges, including administrative hearings
  • Business law — Mediation, contract negotiation and documentation including:
  • Mediation and arbitration — As advocates or decision-makers

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