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Should you tell your medical school about your disability?

Have you struggled all the way through medical school without letting anybody -- or, at most, a select few people -- know about your disability? Is it time to open up about your disability before you matriculate and apply for licensing?

Moral character and the California Bar: 6 key tips to follow

Any attorney who wants to practice in California has to meet a morality test -- fail it, and all those hours spent in law school and studying for the Bar exam mean absolutely nothing.

A San Diego doctor may lose his medical license for drunk driving

A San Diego neurosurgeon, who was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in 2016, stands to lose his California doctor's license.

Wait times for the reinstatement of medical license in California

If you've lost your license to practice medicine, then it's important to know that California's Medical Board offers three types of Petitions for Penalty Relief you can file in an effort to have it reinstated.

Full disclosure is critical when applying for a license

Los Angeles; California, has a diverse array of people working in a range of professional occupations. Preparing for many of those occupations involves receiving and maintaining professional licenses. The process of securing those licenses can be involved, and includes communications about the criminal history, or lack thereof, of applicants for licenses.

California headed for a significant primary care doctor shortage?

In less than a decade, California could be facing a significant shortage in primary care doctors. This is what a recent UC San Francisco Healthforce Center report points to.

New law could make it harder for doctors to continue to practice

Doctors practicing in California now have another reason to be on their best behavior. A new piece of legislation supported by the California Medical Association would prevent physicians from seeking probation through the state's administrative disciplinary process if their actions have harmed patients. Instead, they would have to face a judge.

Can debt prevent admission to the State Bar?

When applying for entrance into the State Bar of California, you will undergo a thorough background check that will include scrutiny of your financial records. Many applicants often worry about what having debt will do to their chances of gaining acceptance. After all, just about everybody leaves school with student loans, credit card balances and perhaps other loans. Do your books need to be completely clear?

California bar considering banning sex between attorneys and clients

The California Bar Association's ethics rules are getting their first major revisions in three decades, the Associated Press reported recently. One hot-button issue: Can attorneys have sex with their clients?

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