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Document a patient's pain very carefully

One of the quickest ways to endanger your medical license is to fall victim to a drug diversion scam or a patient who is abusing your services in order to fuel his or her addiction. That's why it's imperative to be particularly sensitive to the warning signs of drug-seeking behavior -- and particularly conscientious about documenting your efforts to validate a patient's legitimate need for pain medication.

Take these steps when your professional license is at risk

If your nursing license is in jeopardy due to your being arrested or otherwise accused of unethical activities, you need to take swift action. This is not the time to hang back and hope it blows over. It won't.

Avoid losing your law license over student loans

It's no secret that student loans are skyrocketing -- and defaulting on them can cripple your credit score. That makes it impossible to buy a house or get a car loan, among other things. Eventually, your tax return can be seized and your wages garnished to repay the debt.

Is your medical license suspended? Try these steps to recover

Losing your medical license -- even temporarily due to a suspension -- is a hard blow. No matter how you got in this position, it seems painfully unfair to have spent the greater part of your life studying and working toward a career that you can't currently practice.

Can your medical license survive a drunk driving conviction?

If you've never been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) before, you might be prepared to deal with the loss of your driver's license, but there is another potential consequence that can end up coming as an unpleasant surprise.

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