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Data breaches and your medical practice (and license)

Data breaches are a distinctly modern problem that your predecessors in the medical profession didn't have to worry about (at least, not to this extent). Because of the increased public focus on data breaches, a lax attitude toward your patient's privacy could put your practice -- and your medical license at risk.

New fingerprinting rule trips up attorneys with something to hide

A new rule requiring attorneys in California to resubmit their fingerprinting forms to the State Bar by the end of April of this year has uncovered numerous instances of attorneys who had something to hide -- like crimes they had committed.

Anti-vaxxers may put California doctors under scrutiny

There's a lot of controversy surrounding mandatory childhood vaccinations. While the majority of people -- including most medical professionals -- believe that immunizations are important, there is a highly vocal minority of "anti-vaxxers" that believe that vaccinations are dangerous.

California's medical 'witch hunt' leaves doctors in fear

Imagine this: You're a doctor with a thriving practice and you would never, ever pass out painkillers to a patient without a good reason. You have a solid reputation as a compassionate physician, however, so patients in pain have sought you out -- hoping for relief. You carefully screen them all, make sure that they have a real need for pain relief and watch for signs of addiction. If you see signs of addiction, you wean patients off opioids and look for alternatives.

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