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Student loan debts are costing professionals more than money

Student loan debt has become a national problem. The rising cost of education makes it difficult to graduate with a four-year degree without a mound of debt. For those who have gone on to even higher education and pursued professional degrees, the debt from their student loans can easily become insurmountable.

Don't get shut out of a good career by a youthful plea deal

Just one big mistake while you're in your late teens and early twenties is enough -- these days -- to keep you from pursuing some careers. Most young adults have no idea how serious the situation really is.

Appealing a pharmacy technician license denial

In California, you must have a license to be a pharmacy technician. If you've worked hard to obtain the skills to do the job, you are looking forward to your career. However, it is devastating to have your application for a license denied.

California attorney to be disbarred for 'litigious warfare'

Attorneys have a great deal of power in American society. Their access to the legal system and the ability to use it is something that puts them at a distinct advantage over most nonattorneys.

Dancing dermatologist agrees to suspended license

The woman who earned the moniker "The Dancing Doctor" for her on-camera antics inside the operating room with her patients has dropped her attempts to stop the medical board in Georgia from pursuing any further action. She's also accepted a minimum 30-month suspension of her license to practice.

Can you get special accommodations for the Bar exam?

Not everyone is able to process and comprehend information at the same pace. While you can often find ways to work around a problem with those things in school or in your career, tests are so rigidly structured that it's often impossible to compete on the same level as everyone else.

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