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What could your background check reveal?

If you're applying for a professional license of any sort in California, you'll be asked to consent to a background check. That can be nerve-wracking -- especially if you aren't even sure what a background check does.

When patients complain to the medical board: How to respond

You can't control whether or not a patient files a complaint with the medical board -- but you can control your response. A proper response can make dealing with a complaint much easier and even get it dismissed. An ill-considered response can do just the opposite and cause the problems you face to escalate.

California doctor loses license over affair with patient

Do not get romantically involved with your patients. That's the unmistakable message being sent by California's Medical Board to the doctors it licenses. On Feb. 8, 2018, it revoked the license of a doctor who has been in practice in the state since 2000. The obstetrician-gynecologist violated the law by engaging in a sexual relationship with a former patient who happened to be a nurse.

Can a bankruptcy cost you your professional license?

Professional people run into financial problems just like anybody else -- but unlike the average worker, some professional people have to worry about how a bankruptcy can affect their ability to ply their trade.

Are you in danger of losing your nursing license?

Most nurses figure they'll eventually lose the right to practice nursing because they'll retire and let their license lapse. They don't expect to have the nursing board take their license (and their ability to make a living) from them.

Should you tell your medical school about your disability?

Have you struggled all the way through medical school without letting anybody -- or, at most, a select few people -- know about your disability? Is it time to open up about your disability before you matriculate and apply for licensing?

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