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Keep your advertisements from becoming an ethics violation

As an attorney here in California, you have a lot of competition for business. In order to drive business to your firm or office, you may decide to take out online or print advertisements or engage in other acts of solicitation for business. Before doing so, you may want to gain an understanding of the rules of conduct governing attorney solicitation and advertising.

Can a single visit make a patient vulnerable to exploitation?

If a doctor sees a patient while he's covering for her absent primary care physician just to issue a refill on some sleeping tablets, does that constitute a physician-patient relationship that's strong enough to take advantage of the patient's vulnerabilities?

Is California serious about enforcing vaccinations?

The anti-vaccine movement was supposedly dealt a hard blow in California back in 2016 when the state passed a law preventing parents from refusing to vaccinate their children based on personal or religious beliefs alone.

Doctor surrendering license after confrontation with protester

A San Diego doctor has agreed to surrender his medical license and close his clinic at the end of the year amid allegations related to patient care and unprofessional behavior. He was taped confronting one of the anti-abortion protesters outside of Family Planning Associates in June 2016.

New law could make it harder for doctors to continue to practice

Doctors practicing in California now have another reason to be on their best behavior. A new piece of legislation supported by the California Medical Association would prevent physicians from seeking probation through the state's administrative disciplinary process if their actions have harmed patients. Instead, they would have to face a judge.

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