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What happens if my moral character application is denied?

Lawyer not charged after submitting racially charged drawings

Lawyers are typically held to the highest standards when it comes to behavior in a public court of law. Nonetheless, Encino-based immigration law attorney Wayne Spindler submitted a public speaking card filled with incendiary drawings, including a burning cross and a man hung from a tree, during a city counsel meeting on May 11, 2016. The counsel is headed City Counsel President Herb Wesson, who is African-American.

What gets reported to the Bar?

When applying for entrance to the California State Bar, you will likely be required to complete a Moral Character and Fitness application. It is best to understand what kind of information the bar will receive once this extensive background check is completed. You will have a better opportunity to defend your past actions in a positive light if you understand in what context they are being reported.

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