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What are you required to report to the Bar?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | Professional License Defense |

Lawyers in California must abide by rules of professional conduct and report certain events related to those rules to the State Bar.

If a lawyer does not report within 30 days of the event, they are subject to disciplinary action and put their license at risk. Here are a few examples of things to self-report to the Bar.

Multiple charges of malpractice or wrongful conduct

Three or more charges of malpractice or other wrongful conduct within one year should be self-reported to the Bar. They are only required to self-report charges of wrongful conduct regarding their profession. If sued for wrongful conduct for something regarding their personal life outside of the legal profession, they are not required to report those charges.

Discipline from another state bar

If a lawyer receives disciplinary action from a bar outside of California, they must report it to the California State Bar. Similarly, a lawyer must self-report any disciplinary action or sanctions imposed by other professional disciplinary agencies or licensing boards to the Bar.

Certain judgments in civil court

If a lawyer receives a judgment against them in civil court for fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty or gross negligence in their professional capacity, they must report the judgment to the Bar. Courts who issue these judgments against lawyers must also report them to the Bar.

Lawyers must also report criminal charges that result in felony or misdemeanor convictions. If the State Bar notifies you about disciplinary actions against you, a state bar defense attorney can help you determine if you should fight the charges or find a way to resolve the matter.


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