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What kind of things get reported to the California Bar?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Professional License Defense |

Practicing law comes with strict guidelines within which to operate. To become licensed, you had to demonstrate your understanding of the law and practice rules.

The California Bar Association takes its obligation to ensure lawyers practicing in the state do so with integrity. As such, some items necessitate review should the matters arise. Refresh yourself on some of the things that the bar wants to know about should they occur.

Court sanctions

A judge has the right to dictate how the parties conduct a proceeding. If you do not follow the rules set out by the court, the judge has the right to charge you with sanctions. The State Bar requires that you report judicial sanctions, except those with a fine of less than $1,000 and discovery-related ones.

Criminal charges

As a licensed attorney, you need to report any criminal charges against you to the State Bar. Whether these result in a conviction or not, the bar wants to know about them. You may face an additional investigation under the terms of your license. Pleas and convictions of all felonies need disclosing, as well as those crimes related to your practice.


When you face a lawsuit, you may not need to report it. However, if you have three or more cases pending against you in a year, the State Bar requires notification whether the actions pertain to your practice or not. The bar also wants to know if you receive a judgment or agree to settle an action out of court.

Your law license is your means of support. If the State Bar determines you have not followed proper reporting guidelines, you may jeopardize your professional standing.


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