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If you would like to practice law in California but your license is out of state, the Multijurisdictional Practice (MJP) Program might help you. After proving yourself to the State Bar, you can expand your practice and break new ground.

Looking at the three primary ways to get into the MJP Program can give you an idea of where you stand.

In-house counsel

If a certified institution hires you, you may get a chance at practicing law in California. You should not have trouble with the State Bar so long as you keep your work within the bounds of your employer. You may also get a chance to do pro bono work under a California attorney’s watch.

Legal aid attorney

If you would like to represent the disenfranchised, you might want to look into becoming a legal aid attorney. You can try reaching out to a legal provider in California who can supervise you as you help people in need. Showing the State Bar how committed you are to assisting underprivileged groups can secure your approval.

Military spouse attorney

If your spouse is a military member whose station is in California, you can sign up for the MJP Program. Upon approval, your practice will be just as free-range as an attorney licensed by the State Bar. However, like with the other two MJP options, you will have to work under a California lawyer’s supervision.

The MJP Program has helped many attorneys dip their toes in California law. While your reach may have limitations, you will get a chance to expand your horizons and garner experience in the Golden State.


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