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The penalties for practicing law without a license

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

If you have concerns about losing your State Bar license, it is important to understand the challenges that could arise. Aside from the inability to practice, you could face financial hardships and battle with negative emotions such as anxiety and even depression. It is also helpful to review the penalties associated with practicing law in California without an active license.

Whether you have already lost your license or worry about this possibility in the near future, make sure you explore your options and strategies to safeguard your license. Sometimes, taking the right approach can make a key difference with respect to the outcome of a case.

Practicing law without an active State Bar license

According to the California Legislative Information’s website, practicing law without an active State Bar license carries harsh penalties. In fact, those who practice law illegally could a fine of as much as $1,000 and spend a year behind bars. Additionally, those who practice without a state license could suffer irreparable damage to their reputation and have difficulty practicing law at a later point.

Advertising the ability to practice without a State Bar license

If you lose your State Bar license, you cannot advertise the ability to practice law or attempt to practice law. In fact, those who attempt to practice law without an active State Bar license could have to spend six months behind bars.

If you have concerns about your State Bar license, you need to immediately go over the details surrounding your circumstances and figure out the best path forward while preparing your defense.


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