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Three mistakes to avoid during a license defense

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

When a professional finds themselves in a position where their professional license is at risk, every action they take can impact their defense outcome. When years of education, experience-building, and networking are on the line, you want to be sure you are avoiding any mistake that can jeopardize things. Defending a license is no easy task, here are three serious mistakes to avoid:

Making your problem public

When the license you worked so hard to earn is on the line, it can be easy to experience feelings like rage, sadness, or anxiety. These heavy emotions can cause you to act without thinking. One of the mistakes a distressed person can make is vent about their legal issue on social media or other people. This venting can wind up in the information you gave out harming your defense later on.

Changing the facts

Altering information on a record related to your license defense, deleting information that you suspect may harm you, or pressuring others to do these things are prime examples of unethical behavior that can ruin your chances of defending yourself. It may seem like removing a mistake is the best way to protect your future, but it may be one of the worst.

Defending yourself alone

Trying to protect your professional license by yourself keeps you from building the best possible defense for yourself. There are professional license defense attorneys who have made a career in defending their clients and their licenses. An experienced license defense attorney can help you pursue defense options you may never have thought about and negotiate and litigate on your behalf to protect you.

Stay smart in your defense

Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, tampering with evidence, and defending yourself alone are all mistakes that can result in disastrous consequences. Make a decision that you know is a good one by contacting a committed and aggressive defense lawyer that you can trust.



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