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The State Bar Act and your license

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

Whether you are a new attorney seeking a State Bar license or face the risk of losing your existing license due to allegations of attorney misconduct, review the unique facets of your circumstances and safeguard your ability to practice law. There are many issues to take into consideration and it is critical to go over relevant state laws as well as the State Bar Act. 

The California Legislative Information published the State Bar Act on their website and you can review these provisions in order to prevent or address the loss of your State Bar license. 

State Bar licensing records

According to the State Bar Act, attorneys must maintain records, such as one’s current address and phone number. Attorneys need to provide other information, such as different jurisdictions in which they have a license as well as disciplinary actions taken in other jurisdictions. In the event that information changes, attorneys must report changes to the State Bar’s licensing records office within a set time frame. 

Reasons why the State Bar revokes licenses

The State Bar Act outlines a number of factors that result in license revocation. For example, license revocation sometimes occurs when the State Bar finds that an attorney is insane or mentally incompetent due to substance abuse. Your license is also at stake if the State Bar finds that you caused significant harm to a client or the public. State Bar licenses are also revoked as a result of probation violations. If any of these factors pose a threat to your State Bar license and you receive a notice, address the allegations carefully when preparing your answer and make sure you thoroughly prepare for the trial. 


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