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What is the importance of the professional rules of conduct?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

Often, when you need to defend yourself to the state bar, it is due to a suspected violation of the professional rules of conduct. These rules apply to all attorneys in the state and help to dictate how you should behave to live up to the expectations in place for this profession.

According to The State Bar of California, the professional rules of conduct also help set the disciplinary methods for anyone violating the rules.

Form of protection

The main point of the rules is to serve as a way to protect the integrity of the legal system and profession. They help to ensure there is a fair way to ensure justice within the legal profession as well. Those in charge will apply the rules, along with the standards in the State Bar Act and any rulings or opinions of the state courts to properly oversee attorneys. A violation of any of these standards can become evidence against an attorney.


Professional standards in the legal profession apply not only when you are acting as an attorney or representative of the court in a legal capacity. You could also violate the standards and rules during your personal life. In addition, intent is not a requirement to prove you are in violation.


The professional rules of conduct include a range of expectations. One example is the expectation to help people have access to justice by offering pro bono services and assisting those who may be unable to afford legal assistance. The rules also allow for volunteering at legal organizations that help the disadvantaged or donating to such causes.


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