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Saving your reputation after criminal allegations

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Moral Character |

Facing criminal allegations in California can impact the way people view your credibility as a law professional. With questions and doubts at the forefront of people’s minds, your reputation may suffer considerably. 

Watching your conduct and committing to confidentiality regarding your case can help you preserve your reputation and rebuild it as time goes on. 

Under public scrutiny

One of your biggest challenges will often come from the media. The public’s understanding of the criminal allegations against you could have some highly falsified or compromised information, but people will usually believe what they hear. According to Entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is to establish a media strategy early on. 

Decide how you plan to address your allegations. Develop formal, thoughtful and professional responses to difficult questions. Remain objective when questions pry too deep about the allegations. If you do not feel comfortable talking about certain topics, refrain from saying anything at all. Your behavior on all virtual platforms will go a long way in helping or hurting the way people perceive you. 

Respond with tact

When you overhear falsehoods regarding your situation, you may feel emotionally charged. Wanting to defend yourself is completely normal, but you will need to learn when it is best to say nothing at all. When a response does seem appropriate, think carefully about your approach. Respond with tact and professionalism. 

As people witness you consistently responding with a gracious and ethical tone, they may feel inclined to trust you again. Your resolve to maintaining a high standard of integrity throughout your case proceedings will say volumes about you and can help you reestablish credibility with the public. 


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