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Will a dismissed case on my record impact my licensure?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Professional License Defense, Receiving And Maintaining Professional Licenses |

For many, a simple mistake can result in a criminal record. After carrying out their sentence, many of these people continue their lives without further offenses. They may seek a conviction dismissal or expunged to clear their criminal record and free them from the impact their criminal record can have on their careers, housing and other daily needs.

Doctors, attorneys and others with professional licenses face additional challenges if they have a criminal record. Drunk driving convictions and other legal issues must be disclosed to licensing boards and could be the reason for probation or denial of a professional license. Can you still receive a license with a dismissed charge on your record?

Dismissing a charge makes information about your conviction unavailable to the public.

Dismissed crimes—sometimes called expungements, expunctions and setting aside—involve sealing a criminal record. While some states do not allow expungements, most states have their own process and requirements for petitioning to dismiss a criminal conviction.

When you apply for a license in California, can the board hold a dismissal against you?

Whether you are moving to California after a long career elsewhere or applying for a professional license after completing your degree, you may wonder how your sealed criminal record will impact the application process.

Under California law, the board cannot deny you a license based on a dismissed case on your record. The same applies to a comparable dismissal or expungement, including expunged records from other states. You may need to provide additional information about the dismissal to the board if the Department of Justice does not provide proof of the dismissal.

If you have concerns about an expunged conviction on your record, speak to an experienced professional license defense attorney. They can help you navigate the law and protect your career.


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