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Do licensing boards look at my social media accounts?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Moral Character, Professional License Defense |

For decades, professionals have counted on the support of their friends to get through the rigors of graduate school. Late-night study sessions, coffee and flashcards have long been staples for students.

In the past, students met on campus to support each other; now, students rely on social media to get the comradery they need. Unfortunately, social media is highly visible and cannot be deleted.

Before you share details about your latest night out with friends, consider what conclusions the licensing board may draw from your post.

It can’t be unposted

Every social media platform gives you the option to delete your posts, and most give you options to hide them. It would make sense that someone who did not have permission would not be able to see the picture.

When you post something on the internet, you have to assume that anyone could access it. Even if you delete a post, someone could have taken a screenshot and posted it somewhere else.

Before you create a social media post, consider whether it could be embarrassing or difficult to justify.

Help them draw the right conclusion

When a licensing board is reviewing your application, they are trying to decide if you embody the characteristics that they want people in the profession to possess. If they open your social media accounts, consider whether your posts would help them make a decision for or against your application.

While social media does not tell the whole story about a person, it does demonstrate what they are willing to show the public. When you are considering posting something on social media, think about whether it would be better to send it to a small group of friends in a more confidential platform.


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