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July 2019 Archives

Are your poor tech skills jeopardizing your law practice?

If your comfort level with technology stops at logging into your email account or checking your social media page, you may want to take steps to remedy that, especially if you practice law. While you certainly have enough to do keeping up with the ever-changing nuances of your practice area, technology is fast becoming a critical component in many legal battles. As a result, you may end up facing issues related to ethics or professional conduct if you fail to remain current with the changes in technology.

What can get you disbarred in California?

You worked for years to gain the knowledge you needed to pass the Bar exam and obtain your law license. It might seem a little unfair, then, that a mistake could strip you of your license to practice -- even though you still have all the requisite knowledge to be a good attorney.

Data breaches and your medical practice (and license)

Data breaches are a distinctly modern problem that your predecessors in the medical profession didn't have to worry about (at least, not to this extent). Because of the increased public focus on data breaches, a lax attitude toward your patient's privacy could put your practice -- and your medical license at risk.

Avoid these mistakes at your medical board hearing

When you're a physician, receiving a notice that you're under investigation by the medical board can feel like the worst kind of intrusion on your life and your practice. If you've received such a letter, however, how you choose to handle the situation can ultimately determine the trajectory for your entire career.

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