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May 2019 Archives

Worried about the bar's moral character application? Get help

Typically, new graduates from law schools get their applications into the state bar before graduation in May, take their bar exam sometime in July, find a job working in a law firm as an assistant while they wait to get their passing score and finally get admitted to practice by the end of the year.

Addiction is a familiar burden for many nurses

You probably worked hard to build your career as a nurse. In addition to studying and increasing your knowledge, you established yourself as a skilled professional, someone who coworkers appreciate and patients prefer. You likely spend long hours on your feet and work shifts that keep you away from your family throughout the workweek.

Think twice before representing these clients

Few things can place your law career in jeopardy faster than a dissatisfied client. You may have learned in your earliest days as a lawyer that one of your first tasks is getting your clients to accept the reality of their situations, and this often means lowering their expectations.

New fingerprinting rule trips up attorneys with something to hide

A new rule requiring attorneys in California to resubmit their fingerprinting forms to the State Bar by the end of April of this year has uncovered numerous instances of attorneys who had something to hide -- like crimes they had committed.

Avoiding the accidental client: What lawyers need to know

If you've been a lawyer for a long time, you probably already know that just about anybody can become an accidental client. However, new attorneys often aren't familiar with this concept.

Patient suicide and the risk to your psychiatric license

When a psychiatric patient commits suicide, it's tragic for everyone involved. At times, however, it can also become an administrative nightmare for the patient's treating psychiatrist -- especially if the patient's family alleges malpractice.

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