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March 2019 Archives

California's medical 'witch hunt' leaves doctors in fear

Imagine this: You're a doctor with a thriving practice and you would never, ever pass out painkillers to a patient without a good reason. You have a solid reputation as a compassionate physician, however, so patients in pain have sought you out -- hoping for relief. You carefully screen them all, make sure that they have a real need for pain relief and watch for signs of addiction. If you see signs of addiction, you wean patients off opioids and look for alternatives.

Avoiding mistakes when filing a motion to compel

One of the worst nightmares an attorney can experience is an accusation of malpractice -- and that can happen very easily if you make a mistake during the discovery process. Aside from putting your client in a bad position, you could be putting your career in jeopardy as well.

Why is good moral character important as an attorney?

Working through law school may have been the most challenging yet rewarding time in your life. You may have studied hard, but also found time to go out with your friends. You may not have thought too much about how those outings could affect your future career, but if the California Bar Association believes that you have demonstrated poor moral character, you could face a number of issues.

Could a mental health issue put your law license at risk?

An attorney's job isn't always the easiest. No matter which area of law you practice, you probably have a first-hand look at people who are going through some of the darkest days of their lives. All too frequently, you may have to deliver clients the bad news that they can't get exactly what they want.

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