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September 2018 Archives

Appealing a pharmacy technician license denial

In California, you must have a license to be a pharmacy technician. If you've worked hard to obtain the skills to do the job, you are looking forward to your career. However, it is devastating to have your application for a license denied.

Do patient charts have your job on the line?

Few things can place your career and your nursing license in jeopardy as quickly as charting errors. Patient charts are a critical thread in the care and treatment your medical team provides, and your role in recording accurate and thorough information is essential. Errors and omissions can have devastating consequences, both for the patient and for all on the patient's health care team.

California attorney to be disbarred for 'litigious warfare'

Attorneys have a great deal of power in American society. Their access to the legal system and the ability to use it is something that puts them at a distinct advantage over most nonattorneys.

What can you do to protect your nursing license?

Nurses these days are expected to live up to some pretty tall standards. After all, as a nurse, you have access to sensitive information about your patients, handle high-powered narcotics and treat people who are in vulnerable conditions all the time. It's understandable, then, that nurses face a lot of scrutiny.

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