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June 2018 Archives

Understanding patient abandonment for nurses

It has likely happened to every nurse at one time or another. A patient files a complaint against you claiming that you abandoned his or her care. This may have happened if you got detained with another patient and the condition of the first patient declined. Perhaps your shift ended and you forgot to pass the patient's care to another nurse. Maybe the care the patient needed was not part of your training or skills. However, are these examples of abandonment?

California psychiatrist's license put on probation

What sort of thing do you think might result in a psychiatrist's license being put on a six-year probation? An consensual affair with a patient? Overlooking obvious signs that a patient is suicidal? Disclosing a patient's personal information in violation of the law?

Avoid losing your law license over student loans

It's no secret that student loans are skyrocketing -- and defaulting on them can cripple your credit score. That makes it impossible to buy a house or get a car loan, among other things. Eventually, your tax return can be seized and your wages garnished to repay the debt.

Can you get special accommodations for the Bar exam?

Not everyone is able to process and comprehend information at the same pace. While you can often find ways to work around a problem with those things in school or in your career, tests are so rigidly structured that it's often impossible to compete on the same level as everyone else.

Applying for moral character determination after suspension

Because your job as a lawyer requires you to speak and act in the name of your client, your conduct and reputation are important for the wellbeing of the client, your personal practice and for the integrity of the legal profession. If you have recently faced disciplinary action and now must apply for a moral character determination before the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California, you know there is much on the line for your future.

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