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April 2018 Archives

Facing charges of legal malpractice

When you learn that one of your clients has filed a lawsuit against you for malpractice, you may suddenly feel your confidence plummet. You will likely go through every step of the case in your mind — the preparation, the presentation of evidence, the many objections — and wonder where you may have made a critical error.

What could your background check reveal?

If you're applying for a professional license of any sort in California, you'll be asked to consent to a background check. That can be nerve-wracking -- especially if you aren't even sure what a background check does.

Can your medical license survive a drunk driving conviction?

If you've never been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) before, you might be prepared to deal with the loss of your driver's license, but there is another potential consequence that can end up coming as an unpleasant surprise.

Don't let a mental health condition cost you your medical license

Even doctors can develop mental health issues. Depression is a common problem for people who have to face the frailty of the human body every day. Anxiety might kick in after a particularly rough time. Experts say that burnout and even suicide is a problem among the profession.

Gambling addiction among attorneys

The thought that you had a problem may have crossed your mind before, and you dismissed it because you knew your luck would change. Sometimes your luck did change, and things got better. However, now it seems as if nothing is going your way and no amount of money is enough to satisfy the urge to gamble. You may even be having dark thoughts, and your law practice is starting to suffer.

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