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Don’t let your lack of tech skills cause you to lose your license

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

These days, technology has found its way into every aspect of daily life, including the doctor’s office.

And doctors don’t really have a choice about the matter. While many older doctors may resent having to record all their patient’s prescriptions and conditions in the omnipresent office computer, online drug monitoring has become a legal necessity.

Doctors that don’t pick up the necessary computer skills to manage the organization of their patient’s charts can find themselves at odds with their state’s medical board. They can be accused of not having the necessary safeguards in place to prevent their patients from becoming victims of the opioid abuse epidemic that has been the focus of national concern.

For example, a New Hampshire physician, aged 84, has found herself without a license to practice — not because her medical skills aren’t up to standard but because she isn’t compliant with the state’s drug monitoring laws. She was reprimanded early in 2017 and finally lost her license later in the year. She had been in practice since 1968.

If your medical office suffers from any sort or organization failure, your license to practice could be next — wherever you are.

Instead of falling victim to changing times, take the following steps instead:

  • Hire someone. If you aren’t able to handle the technological challenges of the current day, hire an agency or an office manager who is.
  • Use pre-printed forms to cut down on the amount of paperwork that needs to be done. Pre-printed notes for work and school with checkboxes can save you a lot of unnecessary writing — and potential errors — when a patient needs proof of an office visit or medical condition.
  • Invest in electronic medical record software. This is an absolute necessity in order to stay compliant with changing drug laws. This allows you access to your patients’ pharmacology records and makes your prescription practices transparent to the state.

You worked hard for your license. You shouldn’t allow the changing times to rob you of your productivity when there are other solutions.

It’s also important to take any complaint from the medical board about your organizational skills seriously. If you feel that your professional license may need defending, consider exploring your legal options as well.


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