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January 2018 Archives

Can a bankruptcy cost you your professional license?

Professional people run into financial problems just like anybody else -- but unlike the average worker, some professional people have to worry about how a bankruptcy can affect their ability to ply their trade.

Are you in danger of losing your nursing license?

Most nurses figure they'll eventually lose the right to practice nursing because they'll retire and let their license lapse. They don't expect to have the nursing board take their license (and their ability to make a living) from them.

Keep your advertisements from becoming an ethics violation

As an attorney here in California, you have a lot of competition for business. In order to drive business to your firm or office, you may decide to take out online or print advertisements or engage in other acts of solicitation for business. Before doing so, you may want to gain an understanding of the rules of conduct governing attorney solicitation and advertising.

Can a single visit make a patient vulnerable to exploitation?

If a doctor sees a patient while he's covering for her absent primary care physician just to issue a refill on some sleeping tablets, does that constitute a physician-patient relationship that's strong enough to take advantage of the patient's vulnerabilities?

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