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You can survive a medical license suspension: 5 steps to take now

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Receiving And Maintaining Professional Licenses |

It is undeniably devastating to have your medical license suspended.

However, bleak your outlook at the moment, life doesn’t just stop while you’re waiting on an appeal to get your professional license back — and you will get through this. However, you need to have a plan that can help you survive and thrive.

Here are things you need to consider:

1. Your social circle may change.

Your friendships with other doctors may take a hit as they try to distance themselves from you.

Some will seem judgmental and others will seem like they’re afraid “license suspension” is a disease they can catch.

That’s okay. Treat them all cordially, but keep in mind who stood by you — those are the people you can trust in the future once you’re practicing again and start to rebuild your network.

2. Be honest about what happened.

Don’t try to shift the blame if you did something wrong. Take the high road and admit any failures on your part. Accepting responsibility is one of the big keys to regaining your license.

3. Attend to practical concerns.

You need to gather as many liquid assets as possible in order to stay on your feet. You also need to pare down expenses — it’s time to sell the condo in the city or the summer home, drop club memberships and other unnecessary costs. You may ultimately want to relocate when everything is over, so try to view your losses as something that makes future mobility easier.

4. Shut down your social media accounts.

The news loves stories about “bad” doctors and you’ll be bombarded on all sides by internet trolls if you stay online. You don’t need to know people think or say about you — that can just leave open ways people can make you feel worse.

5. Get counseling.

Whether you have an addiction that caused your suspension or you just need help coping with the suspension, counseling is a must in order to learn to cope with the anxiety and anger the suspension can bring.

No one can tell you this will be an easy time, but your approach to it will say volumes about your personal character — which may even ultimately help you with your appeal.


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