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Wait times for the reinstatement of medical license in California

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Receiving And Maintaining Professional Licenses |

If you’ve lost your license to practice medicine, then it’s important to know that California’s Medical Board offers three types of Petitions for Penalty Relief you can file in an effort to have it reinstated.

In order to be eligible to file a Petition for Modification, you’ll need to document that the board disciplined you and put your medical license in probationary status one year prior to filing it.

As for a Petition for Early Termination of Probation, how soon you’ll be able to file this request depends on whether you were ordered to serve a period of less or more than three years. If you were put on probation in excess of three years, then you won’t be able to ask the board for early termination until after you’ve served at least two years. However, if you were sentenced to less than three years, you’ll only have to wait just one.

Medical licenses are often revoked or are required to be surrendered in cases in which you’re alleged to have engaged in unprofessional conduct. In these types of cases, you must wait three years after the disciplinary action to file for a reinstatement of your medical license. However, if it was revoked because of some type of physical or mental fitness issue, then you’ll have to wait just one year to file a reinstatement petition.

It’s important to note that the medical board generally never considers reinstating the medical license of an individual that is still serving a sentence for any criminal offense, is on probation or on parole. Any applicant that has been accused of any revoking offense or has been threatened with his or her probation being terminated also won’t have reinstatement request considered.

Those who meet the guidelines established by the board for reinstatement are required to submit a petition package to include a narrative which outlines what you’ve done since your medical license was revoked. You must produce recommendation letters from two different physicians who can attest to what you’ve done during that time as well.

The filing of any of these petitions does not carry with it an inherent guarantee that your medical license will be reinstated. An experienced Los Angeles administrative law attorney may be able to provide you with insight necessary to avoid common pitfalls in the process though.

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