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What can cause you to lose your medical license in California?

Physicians often wonder what type of behaviors can result in them being disciplined by the Medical Board of California. There are a few common reasons this might occur.

A doctor that has been accused of gross negligence may risk losing his or her medical license. A single incident of negligence is often referred to as simple negligence. However, a repeated history of these types of offenses is referred to as gross negligence.

Wait times for the reinstatement of medical license in California

If you've lost your license to practice medicine, then it's important to know that California's Medical Board offers three types of Petitions for Penalty Relief you can file in an effort to have it reinstated.

In order to be eligible to file a Petition for Modification, you'll need to document that the board disciplined you and put your medical license in probationary status one year prior to filing it.

How the California Bar carries out moral character determinations

In California, under Section 6060 of the Business and Professions Code, it's necessary for the Bar Examiner Committee to deem someone of good moral character in order for them to be allowed to practice law in the state. They evaluate an individual's moral fitness using a set criteria.

First, they assess what act of misconduct the individual engaged in, including what type of moral turpitude it involved and whether the act was accompanied by either mitigating or aggravating circumstances. They'll also look at whether the act was a habitual or isolated one.

As a nurse, you may need to understand the enforcement program

You have a difficult job. As a registered nurse, you more than likely attend to the needs of numerous patients each shift. You do your best to ensure that you provide each patient with the best possible care, but that may not always happen.

It's impossible to make everyone happy all of the time, and sooner or later, a patient may file a complaint against you. Here in California, that complaint would go to the Board of Registered Nursing's Enforcement Program.

Do you face discliplinary action for an addiction problem?

Stress can do funny things to people. Some people overeat, others partake in a few too many drinks and others turn to drugs (both illegal and prescription). Where most people may question the sense in a person's diet, they may not take as kindly to your use of alcohol or drugs.

That does not necessarily mean that you should lose your license to practice law or face criminal charges. More than likely, what you need most is help with your addiction. The fact of the matter is that you are in good company.

Doctor surrendering license after confrontation with protester

A San Diego doctor has agreed to surrender his medical license and close his clinic at the end of the year amid allegations related to patient care and unprofessional behavior. He was taped confronting one of the anti-abortion protesters outside of Family Planning Associates in June 2016.

The Medical Board of California accused the doctor of overprescribing narcotics to a half-dozen of his patients and to mishandling another patient's abortion. It also noted the doctor's "physically threatening gestures" and "outrageous conduct" toward the protester last summer, which it ruled was a violation of the ethical code and demonstrated a lack of fitness to practice medicine.

Full disclosure is critical when applying for a license

Los Angeles; California, has a diverse array of people working in a range of professional occupations. Preparing for many of those occupations involves receiving and maintaining professional licenses. The process of securing those licenses can be involved, and includes communications about the criminal history, or lack thereof, of applicants for licenses.

A part of the process for applicants is Live Scan, an electronic fingerprinting process that is widely used in California. It results in fingerprints being reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ). That allows for criminal history to be checked at both federal and state level.

California headed for a significant primary care doctor shortage?

In less than a decade, California could be facing a significant shortage in primary care doctors. This is what a recent UC San Francisco Healthforce Center report points to.

According to the report, by 2025, California could have 4,700 fewer primary care clinicians than it needs. Factors that may contribute to such a shortage include a large number of clinicians approaching retirement.

Is your personal life a threat to your nursing license?

As a nurse, you probably inherently know that certain behaviors can place you at risk for losing your nursing license. For example, you would likely never come to work intoxicated, steal medication from the drug room or purposely abuse a patient. However, did you know that certain behaviors that occur in the privacy of your own home can place your career in jeopardy?

It surprises many nurses to learn that the California Board of Registered Nursing does not exist to protect the licenses and careers of nurses. Rather, its duty is to protect the public by ensuring that you perform your nursing duties to the highest standards. The board will investigate and potentially prosecute any behavior on the part of a nurse that suggests a nurse may endanger patients or mar the public's trust in the profession, even if those behaviors do not happen within hospital walls.

Facing the possibility of a suspended law license

The State Bar of California takes seriously any accusations of professional misconduct. Recently, a number of lawyers have made the news for their roles in questionable activities. If the bar has notified you that a committee is investigating you for such accusations, you can be assured that the investigation will be thorough with the intention of finding the truth and preserving the integrity of the law profession.

Depending on the severity of the complaints against you, you may be facing the possibility of having your license suspended. A license suspension can have a serious impact on your life and your immediate future as well as long-term ramifications.

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