Zachary D. Wechsler is an experienced attorney with statewide practice defending attorneys, healthcare professionals, and other licensees facing investigation and professional discipline in California

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The Law Office of Zachary D. Wechsler, APC, represents attorneys, Bar applicants, physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, physical therapists, nurses and other health care professionals, and all other professional licensees and applicants facing professional discipline, license revocation, suspension or denial of a licensing application.

We are located on the Westside of Los Angeles near LAX. However, we represent clients, wherever they are from, across the state of California for all issues pertaining to applying for and maintaining their California licenses. It makes no difference where in the state you are located.

Mr. Wechsler has a statewide practice because agencies and boards operate statewide. Wherever you are in California, a call to professional licensing attorney Zachary Wechsler should be your first step.

To discuss your questions and concerns confidentially with a California administrative law attorney, contact us online or call 800-621-0945.

Meet Attorney Zach Wechsler

Administrative law attorney Zach Wechsler is a California attorney with significant experience defending professional licensees in disciplinary, licensing and admissions matters before state licensing boards. He is a former deputy attorney general for the state of California, during which time he represented a number of state boards and agencies. In addition, he was appointed by the then Board of Governors of the State Bar of California to a four-year term on the Committee of Bar Examiners.

His background as both a member and representative of licensing boards provides Mr. Wechsler with a unique perspective in professional license defense because he understands the relevant legal issues from all points of view. Mr. Wechsler knows what it takes to successfully defend the licenses of attorneys, doctors, pharmacists and other professionals who are facing licensing problems relating to professional discipline, admissions, moral character or substance abuse issues.

Scope of Practice

As an experienced California attorney and cum laude graduate of Loyola Law School, Mr. Wechsler is recognized by legal colleagues and by professional boards for his ethical, strategic and diligent approach to cases he handles and the clients he represents. Find out more about the scope of our practice:

Mr. Wechsler knows successful representation of professionals requires a different set of legal skills than those of a civil litigator or criminal defense attorney. Resolution of cases often involves working closely with clients, counsel and investigators for the agency involved and understanding the culture of each particular agency and the specific application of the law necessary to achieve a particular outcome.

Mr. Wechsler has the unique set of skills necessary to successfully resolve problems in an administrative agency setting, such as professional license defense or professional misconduct defense, often without the need to resort to the expense and uncertainty of a hearing.

Mr. Wechsler was recently appointed Special Master by the State Bar of California. The State Bar of California is responsible for maintaining a list of attorneys qualified to serve as "Special Master" to accompany peace officers in conducting searches for documentary evidence under the control of attorneys, physicians, psychotherapists and clergy members.

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